frequently asked questions

What is the ideal audience size ?

Breaking Ice is usually performed for audiences of 100-200, but we have had wonderful results with groups as small as 12, and as large as 1,500.​

how is the performance customized for our unique needs?

Breaking Ice performances begin with a Content Meeting 4-6 weeks prior to the performance with members of your team to discuss the goals and objectives of the performance, and for the Breaking Ice team to gain an understanding of current issues in your workplace and industry. After an intense period of research and rehearsal, there is a Preview rehearsal for the Sponsor’s team, to gather feedback for final tweaking of the material before it’s presented to its intended audience. Comments and suggestions from this preview are incorporated into the performance(s). A facilitated dialogue immediately follows each performance.​

are the performers diverse?

Yes. The five or six actors represent multiple dimensions of diversity. This is extremely important to us!

how long is a performance?

Although each performance is tailored to the needs of your organization, shows are typically 45-60 minutes in length, followed by a facilitated dialogue of 45-50 minutes. A total time of 90-120 minutes is ideal: a 50-minute performance followed by a 50-minute dialogue.

what are the space and technical needs?

The minimum requirements for a show are: A 20’x20’ performance area; six folding or portable chairs without arms; and a secure green room with at least 10’x10’ area of open space. Amplification is recommended for audiences larger than 50 unless the performance is in a dedicated performance space.

Do you offer an option for remote or distributed teams?

We have developed a virtual performance and facilitation process. For more information, please see "Virtual Performances." In certain cases, for an additional fee, we can also work with you to stream a live performance to employees who may be off-site during a live performance.

How can we persuade our leadership team to book breaking ice?

We are here to help! We are available to answer any questions, to provide detailed information about the program, and to connect you with previous sponsors and partners. In our experience, the most successful approach to gaining support for Breaking Ice as part of the organization's DEI efforts is for leadership teams to see a performance before it is rolled out throughout the organization.

can i come to a breaking ice show at another company?

Unfortunately not. Because performances are tailored to address the specific issues and workplace challenges of each organization, we do not allow access to anyone for whom the content was not intended. However, we can show you a preview of your customized performance.

Can I book a performance without the facilitated discussion?

The facilitated discussion is key in cultivating accountability and action around the themes of the performance. As such, we do not offer the performance without the following discussion.

Can I commission a breaking ice video?

After we have developed a partnership with an organization through live customized or virtual performances, we will sometimes create a video product. However, this is not our usual practice.