“With two weeks of our Annual Leadership conference under our belts, it is clear that Breaking Ice was a highlight of the entire conference – for our leaders in the room and for me, personally. Your ability to tailor Breaking Ice to American by integrating very real and airline-specific scenarios was a great way to get people thinking and to get some very important conversations started. Your team has helped set a strong foundation for the work that is coming in the near future. Thank you so much for leading the way.” 

– Doug Parker, CEO, American Airlines

“I cannot begin to thank you for the outstanding [Breaking Ice] performance and program yesterday. It brought so much emotion to all of us and made us a stronger unit. I knew from the beginning this was going to be amazing and life changing, but I did not realize how much until I was a part of it. Please thank everyone! We are better people because of all of you!”

– Jolie Haupert, Chief Administrative Officer, Metropolitan Banking, U.S. Bank

“Target has partnered with Pillsbury House Theatre’s Breaking Ice immersive experience to offer thousands of our team members an opportunity to observe, process, and discuss the various experiences individuals have inside and outside of the workplace. At Target we are committed to helping everyone increase their acumen on inclusion and believe that experiences like this help all of us further understand how to co-exist in our individual authenticity while allowing others to do the same.” 

– Caroline Wanga, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Target



“Such a unique and immersive experience. With equity and inclusion, you can’t really “walk in someone else’s shoes” but this performance was as close to that as possible in terms of being able to understand another person’s perspective and experience. Also, no power point presentation could come close to the level of emotional impact of the performance by Breaking Ice.”

“The performers were captivating, all eyes and ears were focused on them. Their word choice and the scenarios they presented were extremely thought provoking.  Brought to light a lot of issues that we ALL face during our day-to-day activities at work.”

“The performance helped me visualize and understand the different perspectives and (for me – very importantly) that I am not alone in this. The internal fears people have and how that drives action/inaction was eye opening.”

“My favorite comment yet is the former DEI leader who said that in his many years of being in this work, he had never had an experience like that one. Thank you!”

“We have continued to get very positive feedback on the Breaking Ice session. 100% of the survey respondents recommended that we do this for the broader team!”