outcomes & impact

Learning objectives

After the Breaking Ice session, participants will be able to:

    1. Describe insights the Breaking Ice video performance sparked
    2. Define unconscious bias, micro-aggression, privilege, empathy and equity and cite examples of what they look like in behavior/relationship among people in a workplace context
    3. Identify a part of the performance that they empathize with
    4. Identify and commit to action that they can take to help foster increased inclusivity


Breaking Ice is aimed at the following outcomes:

    1. Increased awareness of individual biases and layers of diversity
    2. Increased understanding of barriers to inclusion
    3. Increased motivation to take action for positive change/make EDI a personal and institutional practice


Based on past surveys of Breaking Ice participants, we have seen the following impacts:

    1. 100% of respondents in a health care organization  increased their understanding of barriers to inclusion
    2. 80% of respondents in a health care organization said they would change their behavior in the workplace based on their experience with Breaking Ice
    3. 88% of respondents in a retail/tech company said they are likely or highly likely to implement something they learned 
    4. 99% of respondents in a financial institution said they learned some things or a lot of things that they can put into action