Sample scenarios

Breaking Ice performances are customized to meet the goals and objectives of individual Sponsors. However, each performance is organized around theatre structures that are used to illustrate familiar situations in the workplace.

PLEASE NOTE that not all of these scenarios are in every performance, nor are all of the scenarios that might be in a performance represented here. This is a small sampling to reflect the dynamic, high-energy tenor of a Breaking Ice performance.

ouch tags

Ouch Tags are short, two person interactions that demonstrate how unconscious/ implicit bias shows up in interpersonal relationships in the workplace, and how these lead to micro-aggressions that have a direct impact on daily communications and productivity.

Inside / outside

Inside / Outside is a depiction of a conversation between a white supervisor and her supervisee of color. Two actors portray the external dialogue and behavior while two other actors reveal the characters’ internal thoughts and reactions. When the external conversation gets stuck because the characters have misread each other, the internal voices take over to have the real, difficult conversation that actually moves the relationship forward.

Committee meeting

The Committee Meeting shows a debriefing about a recent Diversity and Inclusion event. There has been feedback from employees who wished the event would have addressed some of the larger issues that stem from the current political climate and affect their daily lives.

I am from

I Am From features poems written by each of the performers about their individual identities that demonstrate the layers of complexity that make up each of us as well as the frames and lenses that shape our perceptions.